1. sump Noun. (automotive) The crankcase or oil reservoir of an internal combustion engine.
1. Noun. the part of an engine that contains the crankshaft
1. Noun. A place where anything is kept in store; especially, a place where water is collected and kept for use when wanted, as to supply a fountain, a canal, or a city by means of aqueducts.
2. Noun. A small intercellular space, often containing resin, essential oil, or some other secreted matter.
3. Noun. A supply or source of something.
internal combustion engine
1. Noun. A piston or a rotary heat engine directly powered by the products of intermittent combustion of a fuel.
2. Noun. A heat engine in which intermittent or the continuous burning of a fuel takes place inside a combustion chamber; the resulting pressurized gas acts directly on the engine to do useful work, such as a piston engine, gas turbine, jet engine or rocket.[