1. camber Noun. (automotive) A vertical alignment of the wheels of a road vehicle with positive camber signifying that the wheels are closer together at the bottom than at the top.
1. Noun. An arrangement of items in a line.
2. Noun. The process of adjusting a mechanism such that its parts are aligned; the condition of having its parts so adjusted.
3. Noun. An alliance of factions.
4. Noun. (astronomy) The conjunction of two celestial objects.
5. Noun. (transport) The precise route or course taken by a linear way (road, railway, footpath, etc.) between two points.
6. Noun. (gaming) In a roleplaying game, one of a set number of philosophical attitudes a character can take.
1. Noun. A circular device capable of rotating on its axis, facilitating movement or transportation or performing labour in machines.
2. Noun. A wheel-like device used as an instrument of torture or punishment.
3. Noun. (informal|with "the") A steering wheel and its implied control of a vehicle.
4. Noun. (nautical) The instrument attached to the rudder by which a vessel is steered.
5. Noun. (slang) A person with a great deal of power or influence; a big wheel.
6. Noun. (poker slang) The lowest straight in poker: ace, 2, 3, 4, 5.
7. Noun. (automotive) wheel rim
8. Noun. a round portion of cheese
9. Verb. (intransitive|or|transitive) To roll along as on wheels.
10. Verb. (intransitive) To travel around in large circles, particularly in the air.
11. Verb. (transitive) To transport something or someone using any wheeled mechanism, such as a wheelchair.
12. Verb. (transitive) To put into a rotatory motion; to cause to turn or revolve; to make or perform in a circle.
1. Noun. A conveyance; a device for carrying or transporting substances, objects or individuals.
2. Noun. A medium for expression of talent or views.
3. Noun. A liquid content (e.g. oil) which acts as a binding and drying agent in paint. (FM 55-501).
4. Noun. An entity to achieve an end.
5. Noun. (Buddhism) A yana.
6. Noun. (Hinduism) An animal or (rarely) a plant on which a Hindu deity rides or sits
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1. Adjective. (en-comparative of|close)
2. Noun. Someone or something that closes.
3. Noun. Someone or something that concludes.
4. Noun. The last stone in a horizontal course, if smaller than the others; a piece of brick finishing a course.
5. Noun. (baseball) A relief pitcher that specializes in getting the last three outs of the game. See Wikipedia:closer (baseball)
1. Adverb. At the same time, in the same place; in close association.
2. Adverb. Into one place; into a single thing; combined.
3. Adverb. In a relationship or partnership, for example a business relationship or a romantic partnership.
4. Adjective. (colloquial) well organized, well developed.
1. Noun. The lowest part from the uppermost part, in either of these senses:
2. Noun. (uncountable|British|slang) character|Character, reliability, staying power, dignity, integrity or sound judgment.
3. Noun. (British|US) a valley, often used in place names.
4. Noun. (euphemistic) The buttocks or anus.
5. Noun. (nautical) a cargo vessel, a ship.
6. Noun. (nautical) certain parts of a vessel, particularly the cargo hold or the portion of the ship that is always underwater.
7. Noun. (baseball) The second half of an inning, the home team's turn to bat.
8. Noun. (BDSM) A submissive in sadomasochistic sexual activity.
9. Noun. (LGBT|slang) A man penetrated or with a preference for being penetrated during homosexual intercourse.
10. Noun. (physics) A bottom quark.
11. Noun. (often|figuratively) The lowest part of a container.
12. Noun. A ball or skein of thread; a cocoon.
13. Verb. To fall to the lowest point.
14. Verb. To establish firmly; to found or justify ''on'' or ''upon'' something; to set on a firm footing; to set or rest ''on'' or ''upon'' something which provides support or authority.
15. Verb. (intransitive) To rest, as upon an ultimate support; to be based or grounded.
16. Verb. (intransitive) To reach or impinge against the bottom, so as to impede free action, as when the point of a cog strikes the bottom of a space between two other cogs, or a piston the end of a cylinder.
17. Verb. (obsolete|transitive) To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread.
18. Verb. (transitive) To furnish with a bottom.
19. Verb. To be the submissive in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
20. Verb. To be anally penetrated in gay sex.
21. Adjective. The lowest or last place or position.
1. Noun. (rfc-sense) The highest part of an object.
2. Noun. The part viewed, or intended to be viewed, nearest the edge of the visual field normally occupied by the uppermost visible objects.
3. Noun. A lid, cap or cover of a container.
4. Noun. A garment worn to cover the torso.
5. Noun. A child’s spinning toy; a spinning top.
6. Noun. (nautical) A framework at the top of a ship's mast to which rigging is attached
7. Noun. (baseball) The first half of an inning, during which the home team fields and the visiting team bats.
8. Noun. (BDSM) A dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
9. Noun. (LGBT|slang) A man who is penetrating or with a preference for penetrating during homosexual intercourse.
10. Noun. (physics) A top quark.
11. Noun. The leaders in a competition
12. Noun. (ropemaking) A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudinal grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.
13. Verb. To cover on the top or with a top.
14. Verb. To cut or remove the top (as of a tree)
15. Verb. To excel, to surpass, to beat.
16. Verb. To be in the lead, to be at number one position (of).
17. Verb. (British|slang) To commit suicide, (rare) to murder.
18. Verb. (BDSM) To be the dominant partner in a BDSM relationship or roleplay.
19. Verb. (slang|gay sexuality) To be the partner who penetrates in anal sex.
20. Verb. (archaic) To rise aloft; to be eminent; to tower.
21. Verb. (archaic) To predominate.
22. Verb. (archaic) To excel; to rise above others.
23. Adjective. (informal) best|Best; of the highest quality or rank.
24. Adjective. (informal) Very good, of high quality.
25. Adverb. Rated first.