1. berline Noun. (automotive) ''(Quebec English)'' a sedan-type car
1. Noun. An enclosed windowed chair suitable for a single occupant, carried by at least two porters, in equal numbers in front and behind, using wooden rails that passed through metal brackets on the sides of the chair.
2. Noun. (US|Australia|Canada|New Zealand) A motorcar designed in a configuration with separate compartments for engine space, driver/passenger space and luggage space.
1. {{initialism-old|en}}. Central African Republic
1. Proper noun. A Nicobarese language having the ISO 639-3 code "caq."
1. Noun. (dated) A wheeled vehicle, drawn by a horse or other animal.
2. Noun. A wheeled vehicle that moves independently, with at least three wheels, powered mechanically, steered by a driver and mostly for personal transportation; a motorcar or automobile.
3. Noun. (rail transport|chiefly|North America) An unpowered unit in a railroad train.
4. Noun. (rail transport) an individual vehicle, powered or unpowered, in a multiple unit.
5. Noun. (senseid|en|passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not)(rail transport) A passenger-carrying unit in a subway or elevated train, whether powered or not.
6. Noun. A rough unit of quantity approximating the amount which would fill a railroad car.
7. Noun. The moving, load-carrying component of an elevator or other cable-drawn transport mechanism.
8. Noun. The passenger-carrying portion of certain amusement park rides, such as Ferris wheels.
9. Noun. The part of an airship, such as a balloon or dirigible, which houses the passengers and control apparatus.
10. Noun. (sailing) A sliding fitting that runs along a track.
11. Noun. (uncountable|US) The aggregate of desirable characteristics of a car.
12. Noun. (computing) The first part of a cons in LISP. The first element of a list